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Check out all the course rules including OB for each hole here!


Check out our Members Page, there's a link to purchase tags there.

I found a lost disc, what do I do?

If you find some else's disc while play and it has their name and phone number on it, attempt to text or call them to see if they are still at the course so that they can get it back. If you can't reach them there's a Lost Disc box on the back of the disc golf kiosk next to the main parking lot.

If a disc doesn't have a name on it, the right thing to do is to make a post on the clubs Facebook page to see if someone claims it or you can put it in the Lost Disc box.

I lost my disc, how do I get it back?

Currently the park hold all lost discs and has a Google spreadsheet that lists them. You can go by the office in the visitor center and retrieve it. 

Does it cost any money to play?

It doesn't cost to play on the course but the park does charge for parking. It's $5 for Massachusetts residents and $20 for out of state visitors. Massachusetts residents can buy an annual pass for $60. 

Can I drink alcohol while playing?

The park has a strict no alcohol policy. 

Where can I throw my trash away?

Borderland is a Carry In, Carry Out park. So if you come with coffee, soda, or any other type of drink in a bottle or have food wrapper, take pride in YOUR course and take them home and recycle them.

I've never played before, which layout should I choose?

The Yellow course is designed for beginners. The yellow tee pads do not have tee signs but they are shown on the White tee signs. The Yellow tee are marked by two cobble stones, which are paint yellow and a yellow bock of wood with the holes number on it. 

I don't have my own disc, are there discs there to purchase or borrow?

The park does have loaner discs, which are kept in a box that is usually in the breeze way of the visitor center. They do not have discs for purchase but there is a new disc golf shop, Bishop Disc at 71 Pond St in Sharon, MA just 5 minutes from the park.

Are there score cards and map?

Score cards can be found at the disc golf kiosk next to the main parking lot. A new full color map is coming, but you can us the app, UDisc to keep score on your phone and it has maps and shows you your location. 

The kiosk also has a ton of other information about the course, our leagues, rules, and more.


We haven't sponsored any local players in the past but do plan to change that in 2021-2022! This is the best way to show how much we care about the success of local players!

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