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Borderland Tag ($30)

For only $30 you could have a brand new tag delivered to your front steps! Not only that, being a tag member gives you exclusive access to events, and first dibs for upcoming sanctioned tourneys!

*Due to multiple factors which we could not control, we apologize for having to rise the cost of tags this year. We appreciate your understand.


For any other special donations for course and paver funds, let us know!

Borderland Bucks >>> Bishop Bucks

Borderland Bucks are now Bishop Bucks. The crew at Bishop Discs bought our entire inventory of discs and took over Borderland Bucks.

You can now purchase anything in their store, including our old Borderland inventory with your current Bucks or any new ones you win. Moving forward amateur categories will win Bishop Bucks at select events.


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# of 2021 Tags Sold!

With a few Tag Related Flex Events Borderland Has Already Sold More Than 100+ tags for the 2021 Year. We have 200 total so plenty more are available if interested!


Borderland Bucks

Over the years tag members have accruled borderland bucks as payouts for amaeturs! We HIGHLY recommend folks take a look at what bucks you may have already and let us know if club needs to get you the credit you compiled. We have stock discs and more in our store! Please see this for details


Given to Easton Food Pantry

Thanks to club members help we were able to raise $500 for the Easton Food Pantry for the End of the Year Tagmas event!

100+ HRS

Spent On Improving Pavers

Thanks to club members and Kyle Mcrae over 100+ hrs were spent in 2020 building paver teepads on various holes! We are currently 1/3 complete with the project :)