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Monthly Tag Match

The Monthly Tag Match is a 12 tournament event, one each month.

For the year end payout, your TOP 6 scores will count (one must do at least three events to qualify for end of year payouts). You get 2.5 points for each person you defeat in your division (you get 2.5 points even if you finish last in the division). Five bonus points will be awarded for every two events you attend beyond 6. To be eligible for year end payouts you must attend at least 3 events.

A Pool will win cash and B/C Pool wins 978 Bucks. See the FAQ below for more.

The Details

This event is open to anyone who purchases a tag for the 2023 season. A Monthly Tag Match will be played each month.

​This year, I'm doing a pre-registration system. You just need to fill out the linked form once this year. You can do this even if you can't make the first event. This way I will have your division and payout info all in one place. We will still use the color coded cards to set up pairings, but you won't need to put down the date played each time (UDisc has all of that info).


DATE:  April 16th (Sunday



TIME:  8:30am sign up / check in. 9:00 am-ish shot gun start.


REGISTRATION:  Day of the event or Online here (LINK - figures crossed).


COST:  Event $10 (which includes payout and the ace pot.) and Tag $20 ($30 total if you don't already have a tag)

*Money break down:

A Pool

$1 - Ace Pot

$5 - Monthly Payout in Cash

$2 - Season Payout in Cash

$2 - Club

B Pool

$1 - Ace Pot

$5 - Monthly Payout in Bishop Bucks

$2 - Season Payout in Bishop Bucks

$2 - Club


A Pool (Pro & AM1)
B Pool (AM2)
C Pool (Rec & Women**)

*Women can play any division if they like.

**C Pool Women get a +2 stroke, if you're a new player or FA2 or below. 

PAYOUTS: Amounts will be based on the number of players in each category and your finish within each division. 

A Pool - Cash

B Pool - 978 Bucks

C Pool - 978 Bucks

CTP PRIZES: Will be awarded for each of the divisions. Prizes include cash prizes or discs and amounts are determine by the number of players.

CTP Holes:

A Pool - Hole 4

B Pool - Hole 4

C Pool - Hole 4

TAG ORDER:  Will be determined across all divisions. Ties for tags will be settled by throw-offs at the practice basket.

CARDS: Random selection*

*Women get their own card if the numbers allow.

UPCOMING MATCHES:  May 13th (Saturday)



Q: What if I play in different Pools, what happens to my points?

A: Points moving up are worth 50% of their value, and points moving down are worth 25%. (This might change!!!)

Q: Wait, $30 for a tag?!?!

A: Yeah. We’re not happy, either. At the end of last year the cost of steel was up 200%. Trust me, we’re doing more work and making less money than ever before.


Q: What’s OB Road?

A: This is a temporary hole that plays across the field in front of the mansion. A temporary basket has been set near the auxiliary parking area. The trail along the left edge of the fairway marks the out-of-bounds zone. If OB Road is in play, you should play this hole immediately following hole 4 on your way to play hole 5. You will skip 17 entirely.


Q: Why can’t we play Hole 17?

A: We can. If the weather is clear. We can’t predict the weather late in January, or know when kids will be packed on the sledding hill. Safety first.


Q: Can I purchase a tag even if I’m not playing?

A: Yes, though you will have to wait until after registration is completed. The lowest tags are reserved for players in the event. Alternative options are available via the following link.


After filling out the form, you will be contacted regarding shipping details or pick-up options.


Q: What are CTP (Closest To Pin) prizes?

A: By definition, they are surprising.


Q: How do I log my round? 

A: Players will be provided with paper score cards. Cards must be doubled-checked and signed before being returned to the tournament director. Any scoring error on a card will result in a 2-stroke penalty being applied to the offending player’s score.


Q: What do you mean by “improvisational dance”?

A: Any definition I might provide will immediately become irrelevant the moment tied players attempt it.


Q: What happens if I just post a bunch of questions rather than reading the FAQs?

A: Mocking.

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