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Lost and Found

Lose a disc at Borderland? Wondering what to do with it or get one back?


  • Please first try to call or text the phone number on the disc to see if the person is still on the course.

  • If they are not, please put discs in the drop box, located on the backside of the disc golf kiosk. (Kiosk is located between the practice basket and the visitor center on the corner of the parking lot).

  • Discs get collected by park staff and if your phone number is on the discs, it's entered into UDiscs' Lost and Found. You'll then receive a text with directions on how to set up a time to retrieve it.  (Discs without phone numbers are still listed.)

  • You have 90 days to retrieve you disk before its turned into a loaner discs. (You get a reminder text 7 days before this happens)

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